Marriage/Couple/Relationship Counseling
My clients often come to therapy with anxiety, sadness, feeling disconnected from their partners, and confusion about next steps for their relationship due to disagreements, damaged trust, and big life changes. They often find it difficult to access self-compassion, compassion for one another, and to express their needs in their relationships without it leading to conflict or feeling rejected.

Many of the couples I see are working to heal from infidelity or are simply trying to understand why their relationship changed, why it feels less connected, simple, and loving than it did initially.

I see long-term relationships, relationships “on the brink” and exploring options before making separation-related decisions, couples working toward ethically opening their relationship, couples with desire discrepancies, separating couples looking to do so respectfully, early relationships examining compatibility for a long-term commitment, and premarital couples wanting to establish positive patterns.

I work with romantic relationships of all kinds. All relationship configurations are welcome. I am LGBTQIA, kink, poly, all genders, post/null-gender, and religion/spiritual friendly. No topic or difficulty is taboo in therapy. 

Individual Psychotherapy
I work with individuals that often struggle with loneliness, self-consciousness, trauma, self-doubt, low mood, identity formation issues, uncomfortable spiritual or philosophical ambiguity, career stress, or who, at times, feel unworthy of taking care of themselves.

With most of my individual clients, we work on relationships, be it processing an ended or ending relationship, exploring ways to deal with a current relationship, or learning new skills for improving any relationship. Many of my clients desire companionship, but find it painful or uncomfortable to reach out to friends, family, partners, or potential romantic partners.

About Me
My style is collaborative, warm, and conversational. I work with my clients to understand the origins of unwanted feelings and reactions and gently challenge patterns that get in the way of happiness or connection to others. I specialize in supporting my clients in developing self-compassion, in finding meaning and healing, and in listening to one's intuition. I received a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Antioch University Seattle and my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Washington University. I very much enjoy hiking, ballroom dancing, and cooking.